As a leader, your role is often to balance the day-to-day tactical demands and decision-making with actionable, strategic planning. Most days, you’re focused on everyone else. Coaching with Kimberley is about you. We’ll work together through your personal, professional development.

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While coaching is all about your professional development, committed leaders know that “leveling up” their organizations requires a thoughtful sounding board. Practical advice, outside perspective and years of insight help our clients find momentum and focus, which they then carry into their leadership roles.

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Rocky Mountain Public Media

Service: Coaching

Rocky Mountain Public Media is home to KUVO Jazz, KUVO Drop, and Rocky Mountain PBS – where a million people per month turn to discover provocative and inspiring local, national and international programming.


A rising executive with big ideas needed help charting an effective course for her day-to-day work, professional aspirations, and the politics inherent in any leadership position.


Recognizing that coaching is an art that works best from a position of curiosity rather than advice, we offered this visionary leader a practical, useful, and inspiring coaching platform that changed her leadership habits – helping her rise from a regional director to a nationally respected leader as the CEO of this statewide media organization.

“Several members of our leadership team participate in coaching with Kimberley. It has been catalytic in bringing us individually and collectively into alignment to grow our organization in size and impact. For me, personally, it’s been a lifeline to critical perspective that can sometimes be missing when you are in the thick of leading complex change and growth initiatives.”

- Amanda Mountain, President and CEO
Coaching clients we’ve helped lead with confidence

Great leaders are lifelong learners

Coaching may be personal – but it’s not selfish. The bravest leaders know how to assemble a team of support around them. We’re here to join that team. 

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Is your team stuck at the crossroads of an important decision? Are you looking to develop a strategic plan with your board?
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Is your nonprofit growing and in need of capital for a new building? Are you transitioning in a new Executive Director or Board President?
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