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We are deeply committed to working with organizations who are ready to move from questions to clarity. With these free resources, we hope to support you in making here better.

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Keep up with the latest trends, resources and insights to strengthen your organization’s clarity and confidence. 

I’m looking to...

create a sustainable fundraising plan.

The two types of nonprofit income.

Understanding the types of income available to nonprofits helps refine your fundraising strategy. At the end, you’ll get a quick and revealing exercise to help you get started! 

The budget is not the goal.

Pulling arbitrary numbers out of thin air to balance your budget? This disciplined approach helps project fundraising income – first by source and then by probability.

Resources to get started.

With so many resources out there – it’s easy to get distracted and overwhelmed. We’ve curated the best-of-the-best fundraising articles and insights.

Need help?

We’ll gather the right people in the room to help you chart the best path forward. Consulting sessions include actionable next steps to achieve your most ambitious fundraising goals.

I want to...

build an engaged board of directors.

Recruiting the right board.

Is your board an unstoppable force for raising money and supporting the overall mission of the organization? It can be!

Where should the board put its focus?

These three concepts clarify where to focus your board’s attention and effort.

A list of links and/or resources

The right board can mean the difference between a nonprofit that survives and one that truly thrives. Checkout the curated resources below for building and nurturing a successful board.

Need help?

Gathering and engaging the right board members ensures your organization will thrive for years to come. With facilitating, we’ll help get your board aligned and “on board” for the future.

Ready to thrive?

It all starts with a personal conversation with Kimberley. She’ll learn about the health of your organization and where you want to be. But first, we have just a few questions to help us chart the best path forward. 

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