We believe your organization’s mission is our most fundamental guide. When working together to develop creative solutions to your most complex problems, we take a considerate, mission-driven approach to consulting – revealing actionable insights about organizational structures, people and processes.

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We work with committed leaders eager to produce tangible results for their organizations. These leaders are engaged in the consulting process and invested in the outcome. 

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Community Health Partnership

Service: Consulting

The Community Health Partnership (CHP) takes a collaborative approach to addressing community health problems that no single organization can tackle alone. 


In 2017, CHP recruited a new CEO and completed a seven year contract with the State, delivering services to 170,000 Medicaid members. With the majority of its funding gone, the organization’s future seemed unknown. CHP had to reimagine its role and function to serve the community most effectively.


Through consulting with Kimberley, the team at CHP was able to build on their previous experience and reimagine their future – based on community feedback and the changing needs of their community’s health and well being.

“CHP was ending a multi-million dollar contract (losing 97% of our revenue) and reducing our workforce by 80%. The organization was under duress and struggling with how to envision its future. Kimberley helped CHP develop a focused game plan to get through the urgent challenges, then led our Board and management team to build clarity and alignment around a vision and plan for pioneering a process of collaborative leadership that results in measurable improvement in health outcomes. We are excited about our new direction.”

- Aimee Cox, CEO
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Let consulting be your guide

We approach every consulting project with a design mindset – co-creating the project with our clients. Let’s talk about the best approach to combining our processes and methods with your organization’s unique culture and spirit.

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