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Benet Hill Monastery

Service: Consulting

Benet Hill Monastery exists to be a contemporary Benedectine monastic presence.


A Mission Advancement Audit resulted in unanimous feedback: Benet Hill Monastery needed a compelling vision for the future to be successful with fundraising. This work had to be more expansive than simply helping the fundraising efforts. It had be a transformative process that would guide the monastery for the next several decades. The Sisters recognized their legacy is to imbue future generations with a spirit of hope and hospitality for the world.


Through consulting with Kimberley, the Benet Hill Monastery community was able to imagine a new and contemporary Benedictine vision for the 21st century, and build a practical plan to realize that vision in partnership with their stakeholders.

“Kimberley conducted an Internal Audit and Market Study and produced a report containing concise but brilliant summaries on the development questions at hand. More important, the recommendations in the report went beyond the immediate scope of the audit to articulate key existential issues that we needed to grapple with as a community. Her work served as a much-needed wake-up call for us to peer into the future and dream about what our monastery might become. We achieved outcomes that focused and re-energized our community, and now, we are looking out at a 30-year future with an audacious vision. We are grateful for Kimberley's expertise, which has given us this strong footing today.”

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