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We believe in making here better – wherever “here” might be. And so do the social sector organizations we work with. Whether through coaching, consulting or facilitation, we’ll guide your organization forward to greater clarity and confidence.

Courageous nonprofits ask:
Our board meetings are a waste of time.
We’re stuck.
We want to be more effective.
We need to raise $1 million.
Our organization is at a crossroads.
We have a new Executive Director.
We’re thinking of merging with another nonprofit.
We lost core funding that we depended on.
Our board isn’t aligned.

Now what?

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Fortunately, we specialize in “now what?”

From realigning boards to creating clear roadmaps to sustainable fundraising, we have worked with hundreds of organizations like yours to find clarity, facilitate important discussions and chart actionable paths forward.

Philosophy in action.

As a nonprofit leader, your time is valuable and in high demand. Without an actionable path forward, reports tend to sit in unopened emails or stashed away under piles of paperwork. We’re here to bridge the gap between philosophy and action, empowering you to lead boldly and effectively. 


Coaching is personal, not organizational. We customize our approach to help you reach your goals while building your skills and confidence. 

Coaching has helped:


Your organization’s mission is our compass. Through consulting, we develop creative solutions to complex problems – providing clarity and focus.

Consulting has helped:


Facilitating takes organizations from questioning to clarity. These sessions are engaging and fun – while producing tangible results.

Facilitating has helped:

Featured case study

National Alliance on Mental Illness - Colorado

Service: Facilitation

NAMI provides advocacy, education, support and public awareness so that all individuals and families affected by mental illness can build better lives.


Awarded a catalytic capacity-building grant, NAMI Colorado was challenged to navigate a leadership transition AND build its strength to both deliver and expand its programs. The project goal was to create a more secure and capable organization able to advance its mission.


Consulting with Kimberley, the board and interim Executive Director redesigned their governance model, crafted a viable position description to attract a new ED through a thoughtful search process, and build a robust development plan to attract philanthropic and public investment to bolster programs and service.

“No matter where an organization is in its evolution, growth or sustainability, the right consultancy can elevate it to the next level. Kimberley did this for NAMI Colorado. We are truly strengthened by the 'strategic roadmap' concept that allows us to leverage the national NAMI strategic plan balanced by our local affiliate needs and strengths. We are so grateful for Kimberley's knowledge, talents and guidance.”

From the desk of Kimberley

We’re helping courageous organizations level-up their impact with timely insights on board governance, leadership, fundraising and strategic planning published each month.

Ready to thrive?

It all starts with a personal conversation with Kimberley. She’ll learn about the health of your organization and where you want to be. But first, we have just a few questions to help us chart the best path forward. 

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