Winning When the Game is Infinite

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As we enter the final month of this first quarter, I’m reflecting on the brilliance of leaders with whom I have the deep privilege of working as a coach. What I’m noticing is the power of curiosity—their willingness to ask questions of themselves and others to find solutions to the challenges they face. This week, I’m passing along the insights I’ve learned from these courageous leaders.

No 1: Successful leaders adapt

The difference between organizations that survive and those that thrive often comes down to the questions their leaders ask themselves. Insightful leaders ask, “how are we going to adapt?” rather than “how are we going to survive?“.

No 2: Mindset matters

Mindset matters. This is true in every context, be it fundraising, governance, or strategy. Our mindset has far more impact than our skillset, especially over the long-haul. Change your mindset and you will change your outcome.

Playing in an infinite game.

As with all of his books, Simon Sinek thoughtfully connects insights, data, and examples of hard lessons learned by courageous leaders. But what most excites me about The Infinite Game is the graceful way Simon marries mindset with actionable practices. If you prefer to try it before you buy it, Brené Brown featured Simon on one of her latest podcast episodes of Dare to Lead. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

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