New year, new fundraising strategies

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There’s some troubling news of late that might cause some leaders to quake in their boots. As COVID relief dollars end, a few orgs are finding themselves in precarious financial positions; much like the tide going out after a surge, they are left high and dry. And, it could be easy to conflate a news story or two into a serious trend. But one story is not your story.

So, before you get extra anxious reading the headlines, here are a few resources that you may find helpful as you step into the new year.

As a sector, leaders lifted their eyes to the horizon and looked to the future. This study, A Shock to the Status Quo: Characteristics of Nonprofits that Make Strategic Decisions During a Crisis,” finds that the nonprofit sector displayed resilience and adaptation and provides a roadmap for nonprofit success during uncertainty. There are lessons galore to explore.

3 factors disrupting fundraising

As we welcome in a new year, now is the perfect time to LET GO of “this is how we’ve always done it.” It’s not news that the challenges facing nonprofit fundraising have intensified. But why? Turns out, three factors have disrupted the ability to fundraise effectively, posing a threat to nonprofit missions and societal well-being:

  1. Changing financial behavior among donors
  2. Unpredictable public policies
  3. The unprecedented global pandemic, particularly COVID-19

Being one who likes to have an antidote to a problem, you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon a conceptual framework that provides sage guidance to navigate the evolving landscape of fundraising— with an emphasis on the critical role of marketing strategies in ensuring fundraising success.

Geek out on the data here and discover at least 9 practices you can use to strengthen your fundraising. The framework isn’t sexy. It’s not rocket science. And, to make it work, you have to work it. Consider these your imperatives to improve your fundraising success:

  1. Make strategic adjustments: Jazz things up! It’s all about making deliberate changes to plans and tactics to adapt to new situations, boost performance, achieve goals, and tackle fresh opportunities or challenges.
  2. Leverage data analysis to drive strategies and tactics: Compared to the “this is how we’ve always done it” method.
  3. Clearly communicate your value: To both those who benefit from your services and those who support you. Stakeholder engagement is ongoing and vital for sustained support.
  4. Adopt and implement brand strategies: Including brand management, usually reserved for businesses, to positively affect your brand equity and brand loyalty.

My encouragement to you is this: recognize the changing landscape, tune into useful information, and incorporate these practices into your organization’s fundraising strategy as you navigate forward.


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P.P.S. I love the idea of starting again, whether it’s the new year, a new month, week, day, or even a new moment. There’s always opportunity waiting to be opened. If you’re like me, you might appreciate Daniel Pink’s book WhenIt’s chock-full of compelling insights about seizing the moment, wisely.

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