The Seductive Trap of “Strategic Planning”

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It’s not the plan —it’s the thinking. We work with a lot of leaders to create “strategic plans.” But this can be a seductive trap. We can’t just “plan” our way out of the present and into the future. It’s not the plan—it’s the thinking that propels an organization forward. Thinking guides action which produces results.

No.1: Think strategically

High-performing organizations think strategically. By investing in strategic thinking first, leaders are able to point to the horizon, gaze toward that far-distant shore, and then begin mobilizing human, financial, intellectual, and social resources to make meaningful progress.

No. 2: Be specific

Successful fundraisers know that donors appreciate clarity and specificity. As you’re planning your next invitation with a potential donor, consider these questions from the donor’s perspective:

  1. What is the priority?
  2. Who decided this was important and why?
  3. What level of gift from me would be meaningful for your organization?

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This week, ask your leadership team:

What are our intentions, shaped by our vision?
When you create clarity among your team or group about where you’re going together, even though the path will twist and turn, everyone is able relax, collaborate and innovate to make progress.

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